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Top Home Selling Myths & Facts

Home Sellers Working with AgentThe best way to sell a home is to partner with a trusted real estate agent. It’s that simple. This is their profession. They will answer all your questions. They will quickly dispense with the lingering questions you might have regarding common home selling myths. They will price, market, and sell your home efficiently, professionally, and for the highest possible price (it really is that simple). Here are some of the top home selling myths & facts to consider when selling a home in Sanibel Island and Captiva Island, Florida. 

MYTH: You can sell your home effectively and make more money by doing it yourself. 

FACT: Working with a professional realtor is the wisest, and most cost efficient way to sell your home. You will be paying a 5%-6% commission for the sale of your home, but it is money well spent. Your seller’s agent will know the local market and how to best present your home to qualified buyers. They will price your home correctly and negotiate potential offers for higher prices. 

MYTH: The real estate agent with the lowest commission rate is the best choice. 

FACT: The average commission rate is 5%-6% (as stated above). It might be tempting to search for an agent with the lowest commission rate. But you get what you pay for. Quality service with an experienced and trusted agent costs a little more, as do all the best things in life. It’s that simple. 

MYTH: Online home valuations are accurate. 

FACT: While online home valuation tools are a great way to get an estimate of your home's value, many factors come into play beyond the scope of basic calculations. Professional real estate agents often include free comparative market analysis for sellers. Opening up a dialogue with a local agent, using their tools (online or in person) is a more accurate way to begin. When partnering with a local seller’s agent ALL the factors will be considered and put into play and your home will be listed at the highest price for the current market. 

MYTH: I need to renovate my kitchen and bathrooms. 

FACT: Major renovations are best discussed with a professional real estate agent. They will help you better understand if a large project will provide a respectable ROI (return on investment). Every home and every market is different. A local agent will help steer you in the right direction with home improvement projects to undertake before listing your home. Sometimes kitchens and bathrooms will need renovation, but typically smaller home upgrades (which require less money upfront) provide a better ROI and will very effectively attract qualified buyers. 

MYTH: The first offer was good, so I should wait for a better offer. 

FACT: Generally speaking, the first offer is usually one of the best offers you will receive (provided it’s in the ballpark of your asking price). New listings get a lot of attention in the first week, and then attention starts to wane. Your seller’s agent will advise you when to wait for another offer, or strike when the iron is hot. 

When you partner with Phaidra McDermott you will be connecting to resources and relationships to move forward in the selling of your home quickly and effectively. I look forward to helping you with all of your real estate needs in and around Sanibel Island and Captiva Island. Contact Phaidra McDermott today!

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