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Day Trips Near Sanibel Island

Light Tower on Sanibel IslandWhether you're in Sanibel as a resident or just for a short stay, there isn't a shortage of exciting places to visit. It is one of the most beautiful places in Florida and will serve up plenty of exciting experiences you can try. But beyond the coastline, there are many more places to visit.

If you love going to the beach at sunrise or enjoy the orange hue of the sunset, all you need is to take a day trip near Sanibel Island. Let's look at some places you should take a day trip to. Who knows, maybe these exciting adventures will persuade you to get a permanent place in Sanibel.

The Babcock Ranch Preserve

This is one place lovers of wildlife will revel in visiting. The preserve is only a few miles north of Olga and Alva. Bird watching enthusiasts will appreciate the broad array of birds available to watch. Therefore, don't forget your binoculars.

You can also enjoy a trip through the wilderness and see other animals such as cattle and deer. Occasionally you can be treated to a rare sighting of the Florida panther. Don't forget to carry sunscreen, though. The summers in Sanibel are long, with clear skies and a warm temperate atmosphere, which is why Sanabel is considered a true tropical gem.

The Sanibel Historical Museum

Lovers of history and ancient artifacts should take a trip to the Sanibel Historical Museum. The museum has a collection of historical narratives of Sanibel's early residents and their houses when they first arrived on the island.

Besides that, the school for white children is also intact with all the original desks, a 1900 Sanibel Packinghouse, and the Rutland House built in 1913. The wealth of historical facts at the museum makes it a must-see if you love history.

Bowman's Beach

Residents must have gotten used to the sight of the beach thanks to the expansive coastline of Sanibel Island. However, if you are visiting for a while, then a day trip to Bowman's beach will be something you will love.

Bowman's beach is great for shelling enthusiasts and boasts rare sea shells like the Junonia. Sanibel is a bicycle-friendly community, and you can rent a bike and enjoy many miles of beautiful bicycle trails, including a ride down a sand path at Bowman's beach that will take you through different access points at the beach. Well, there are plenty of beaches near Sanibel, but Bowman's beach takes the cake! And is a must-visit, especially if you have kids.

Cabbage Key and Other Nearby Islands

Time for a water trip. You can take a water ride to the neighboring islands as you enjoy the scenic coastline view. You can either use the boat or board a ferry to Captiva, Boca Grande, and the Cabbage Key.

If you want to, you can grab a sumptuous meal at the Cabbage Key restaurant before exploring some more and heading back.

The Everglades

Visiting the everglades is a fantastic way to spend your day. You will see birds and different animals, including alligators. If you don't enjoy the birds or animals, the scenic mangrove canopy should have you hooked.

Don't forget to carry your sunglasses and some sunscreen since the sun will be up and burning.

Where to Stay

You might not be a Sanibel resident but are looking to have someplace to stay for your visit or even a permanent residence. That shouldn't worry you, though, since many realtors can help you find a home to purchase or rent on the island.

We advise you to look for someone with an in-depth knowledge of the island and can help you find the best properties for you to rent or buy, whether you’re looking for a condo or waterfront home.

If you’re just visiting and decide you want to buy a home, there are a myriad of real estate options you can consider. All you need to do is contact Phaidra McDermott, a lifelong Sanibel Island resident with a wealth of real estate expertise.

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