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5 Questions for Your Real Estate Agent

Finding the Right Agent - Questions to Ask Your AgentFinding the correct real estate agent is the first step in finding the perfect home for you. Your agent is someone who champions for you during the buying process, so it’s important to know the correct questions to ask them in order to make the best decision for you. Below are five questions you should ask your realtor that many may not think of. 

1. Do you see any red flags with this home? Would you purchase this home?

Agents will often see red flags with homes that buyers might not notice. Use this time to take advantage of their knowledge. Take it one step further and ask your agent if they would want to purchase the home for themselves. Take note of their answer and language. If they say no, ask further details as to why. 

2. Do you have a recommended a home inspector, handyman, or real estate attorney?

Remember that the agents are the experts. They will know other local service experts and should be able to recommend inspectors and attorneys to help keep the home buying process smooth and efficient. 

3. How many homes do you help buyers purchase each year? How many homes total each year, do you help close?

Knowing how much your agent has on their plate can be helpful in your home buying search. On average, an agent sells twelve homes per year. If the agent is well below that, ask them why. This could be a red flag. 

4. How many buyers clients are you working with currently?

In line with the above point, an agent working with too many clients could mean they don’t have enough time to devote to you. It could also mean that they are in high demand, so ask for references to see why so many people want to work with this particular agent.

5. What are the closing costs?

Closing costs are additional costs that come with purchasing a home that is not included in the price of the property. Those can include, attorney fees, lender costs, title fees, inspectors, and more. Asking ahead of time is a good way to get a handle on all of the costs needed upfront.

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