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Moving? 5 Things to Do Before You Pack

Moving TipsAre you planning to move in the near future? Here are some things to do before you start filling up boxes so you can make your move easier. With some planning and forethought, you can eliminate a lot of stress. 

1. Separate your items

Make a clean sweep through every room, closet, drawer, shelf, and cabinet in your home. Start with the biggest items first and work your way down to the smaller stuff. Categorize your belongings by things to keep, things to donate, things to sell, and things to throw away. 

2. Get rid of items you no longer need or want

Many charities offer free pickups for things you are going to donate. Go ahead and schedule it so you can get these items out of your way. Have a yard sale for anything you want to sell, or post it online. For the larger junk items that won’t fit into your trash bin, contact a haul away service or dumpster rental company.

3. Make a list of the items you’ll need right away

Once you get to your new home, think about the things you’ll need immediately. These are the items you want the movers to put on the truck last, so they are the first things to unload. Think about any essentials and important items you’ll need to get to right away. 

4. Designate a special area for items that won’t go with the movers

You may want to move some items in your personal vehicle. These may be things like sentimental jewelry, small heirlooms, financial documents, and small electronics. Put any of these items in a small room or closet so they don’t get mixed up with the other boxes. It’s important to know that moving companies are prohibited from moving hazardous materials. Your moving company will provide you with a list of these items. 

5. Make sure you have the right packing supplies

Take a look around at everything you need to pack. What box sizes do you need and how many of each size? What kinds of materials do you need to pack breakable items? Make a list so you don’t forget anything. Be sure to include tape, scissors, markers, labels, etc. If you have everything you need before you start packing, you won’t have to make any extra trips to the store.

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