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7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Cooling Costs in Florida this Summer

House in Sanibel FloridaHere are some easy and inexpensive ways to lower your cooling bill this season. Stay cool in Southwest Florida!

1. Caulking

Caulk around the inside of your windows and check for any holes outside your home. 

2. Weather Stripping

Check the weather stripping around the doors. If you can see light or feel any heat coming in, it’s time to replace it.

3. Ceiling Fans

Use ceiling fans to disperse cooled air more efficiently and make the rooms more comfortable. You may even be able to raise your thermostat by up to four degrees without discomfort. You can also use oscillating fans.

4. Curtains, Blinds & Shades

Keep your curtains, blinds, and shades closed when you’re not at home and during the hottest parts of the day. At a minimum, try to block the western afternoon sun from heating up your home.

5. Air Conditioner

Change your filter monthly during the warm summer season. Dirty filters block air flow and make your cooling system work harder than it has to. Check registers to make sure they are clean and get a seasonal system checkup.

6. Thermostat

Get a programmable thermostat so you can keep temperatures warmer when the house is empty and cooler when it’s occupied.

7. Heat Production

Try to minimize the amount of extra heat you produce in your home by using the stove, dishwasher, and clothes dryer after dark or in the early morning hours. Be sure to use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom to help remove excess heat and humidity.

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